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"I found the ideal candidate using Engineering Czar without posting my job opening on the internet. It was incredibly fast and easy" - Rocky Garcia - Electrical Engineer/Hiring Manager - Edmonton, AB

Filter-search our very detailed Skills Matrix for the exact candidate you require and get a notification from them within minutes


Get to a qualified short-list of active candidates within a few minutes without posting a job online and sifting thru the resume tsunami (Watch our HOW IT WORKS - VIDEO)

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If you're an Engineering Manager, Recruiter, Headhunter or Staffing Professional looking for a qualified Engineering candidate, you've come to the right place. This site links you (the Resource Seeker) with highly qualified, specific Job Seekers in a matter of minutes. You won't have to post a job opening on one of those internet job boards and you'll never have to sift thru piles of resumes. Not a Jobs Boards and not a Resume warehouse, our site utilizes technology that is already prevalent in almost every faucet of our society (except staffing and recruiting). Czar connects Job and Resource Seekers instantly, seamlessly in a way that no one else does. Let's face it, since the internet came along, finding a qualified Engineer or Technology Professional now takes more time, and costs more money, than ever before. Finding the exact candidate with the specific skills, industry experience and education you require in a timely fashion is a huge challenge. Do you practice the 'Post and Pray' method when placing an engineering job opening on the internet;? Post a job and then pray that a decent candidate applies right away, so you can hire them and forgo sifting thru the resume tsunami that follows. Czar ensures that your job opening will have a highly qualified short-list of active candidates within a few minutes. And it does this for a fraction of the costs you've been spending on recruitment! There's a Free Trial available, and once you've seen how fast and effective this platform is, you'll be amazed!